Ultimate Guide to Air Wisconsin Air – Everything you should know before booking Air Wisconsin Airline Flights

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About Air Wisconsin Airlines

Air Wisconsin Airline Flights has been operating and expanding since 1965. It is based at the Appleton International Airport in Green ville, Wisconsin. It was one of the original United Express partners (1986) before operating as US Airways Express and then as an American Eagle Regional Carrier. It has been exclusive in its operation as United Express since March 2018. 

Some important people in the company are Christine Deister (CEO), Robert Binns (President),& Bob Finch (COO).

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Air Wisconsin Airline History

Founded in 1965 and started operating on 23 August of the same year. It began with flying one route between Appleton and Chicago (ORD) and had expanded its operations to 4 round trips on weekdays and 2 round trips on weekends by 1965 (Aircraft: Dove Twin Propeller). The airline has enjoyed consistent growth since the mid 1970s as more operating hubs, destinations and routes were added. Under the leadership of Preston H. Wilbourne, the airline grew to serve 29 cities in 11 states serving thousands of passengers daily. It became a certified regional carrier in 1978 (September) and became the largest regional airline by the late 1980s. It merged with Mississippi Valley Airlines in 1985 and was subsequently bought by United Airlines sometime between 1990 and 1991. Air Wisconsin has since had a permanent relationship with United as both companies operate on codeshare agreements and Air Wisconsin has exclusively flown as United Express recently, and is also a part of the Star Alliance.

Airline Hubs:

The primary hubs of Air Wisconsin are:

  • Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD)
  • Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD)

Air Wisconsin Airline Flights Focus cities:

  • Milwaukee
  • Columbia

Air Wisconsin Airline Flights Crew Domicile Locations:

  • O’Hare International Airport (ORD); Chicago, Illinois
  • Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport (MKE); Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD); Washington D.C.
  • Columbia Metropolitan Airport (CAE)

Air Wisconsin Airline Aircraft Maintenance Locations:

Appleton International Airport

Columbia Metropolitan Airport

Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport

Dayton International Airport

North Central West Virginia Airport.

Air Wisconsin Airlines

Air Wisconsin Airline Fleet

Air Wisconsin operates a total of 64 Bombardier CRJ-200 as United Express. Each of them has a capacity of around 50 passengers. 

In the past, Air Wisconsin’s fleet included:

  • Canadair CRJ Jets (Retired).
  • British Aerospace Jet Aircrafts.
  • Turboprop Aircrafts.
  • De Havilland Dove Piston Aircraft.

Air Wisconsin Airlines Reservation

You can reserve flights on Air Wisconsin flights online by booking tickets directly on the airline website, which in this case would be United Airlines (as Air Wisconsin Flies as United Express) or using a travel supplier like www.bargainairticket.com. According to the company, “Air Wisconsin Airlines does not perform any reservation or ticketing functions” which are provided by United Airlines instead. 

Compensation for Flight Delay or Cancellation.

How to save more while booking Air Wisconsin Airline Flights?

  • You should regularly check the deals from Air Wisconsin/United Airlines to save on flights.
  • Subscribe to Air Wisconsin Airlines/check blog to receive updates from them regarding tickets and content.
  • It is best to reserve tickets as early as you can as the departure date approaches, tickets tend to get more expensive.
  • Apply for Mileage Plus Plan.
  • Subscribe to us for Fare Alerts to get the best deals on your route on flight tickets.
  • Look for Promo Codes.

How do I book Air Wisconsin Airlines flight tickets?

There are three ways you can book Air Wisconsin tickets. Here they are:

  • Booking directly from the Airline website (United Airlines). Just visit their homepage and reserve your flight by entering all the relevant details asked.
  • Using a travel supplier online. There are lots of online travel agencies that deal in cheap tickets for flights and more. A quick google search ought to fetch you a fair number of results. You can also use our site and compare flights options within Air Wisconsin itself.
  • You can also choose to buy your ticket at the airport, however, we recommend using either of the above two options as booking at the airport may very well be an extraneous effort given the ease of booking online and extra effort of an airport booking.

 What are the amenities offered by Air Wisconsin Airlines?

Air Wisconsin only offers Economy as a cabin class option. There might be in flight amenities such as magazines and WiFi, but they are not guaranteed for all flights. Please locate more information regarding the specific option you purchase.

The cabin crew of Air Wisconsin is well trained to serve all your in-flight needs.

All seats in the aircraft (economy) are arranged in a 2*2 formation for ample personal space. The only exceptions to this rule are the emergency and front row seats, which have more space and legroom.

Since Air Wisconsin flies as United Express, it might be worthwhile to consult United to know more about in-flight amenities. As far as Air Wisconsin is concerned, their official website lists only that which has been explained above as amenities.

Air Wisconsin Airlines Military Discount

While I was hard pressed to find any information regarding discounts offered by Air Wisconsin to military veterans and their families, it is worthwhile to note that Air Wisconsin is ‘committed to hiring veterans.’ Here are some of the special perks offered to military veterans when it comes to Air Wisconsin piloting:

  • Air Wisconsin allows veterans to serve actively as they pilot their flights.
  • Veterans may avail the use of $41000 in bonuses to support their flight school costs. What’s more, bonuses may reach beyond $57000 in all.
  • You will need to apply to United’s Aviate program.
  • Air Wisconsin is significant when it comes to the American Aviator Act, which facilitates veterans become pilots.\

The military discounts available by United Air may or may not be useful when it comes to booking Air Wisconsin flights. It is advised to locate information additional information regarding the same to get the cheapest flight deal you possibly can.

Air Wisconsin Airlines for Passengers with Special Needs

Air Wisconsin, as an affiliate of United Airlines, is willing to provide services and assistance to its passengers according to United Air policy. They require you to inform beforehand in case of any special requirements so that they can make all the necessary adjustments beforehand. Read more to know about detailed information regarding in-flight special needs:

  • Unless you possess an electronic assistance device that does not meet the requirements for FAA safety and Hazardous goods, you can carry your device into the flight. It is advised to notify airline in advance (at least 48 hours). Call 1-800-228-2744 to find out if your device meets the required standards.
  • Personal air filtration units are disallowed.
  • Airline advises you to not keep medicines in the checked bag but rather along with yourself in your carry-on baggage.
  • Portable dialysis machines are disallowed unless passenger is qualified to use the appliance and they may be stored in the cabin within specifications.
  • Air Wisconsin does not provide onboard medical oxygen.
  • However, oxygen may be requested before the flight and you will be charged a $100 USD fees per flight segment.
  • Airline will also accept mobility devices such as wheelchairs at no additional cost. As with other special needs, please inform airline at least 48 hours prior to flight.
  • Certain airports also possess the facility of providing wheelchairs in-flight. Please locate information regarding if your airport offers said facilities.
  • In case of service animals:

How does Air Wisconsin Airlines handle passengers in case of cancellations or delays?

Air Wisconsin is committed to user satisfaction and as such has a plan in place in case of lengthy delays. To know more click here. The airline will take care of all your essential needs during the waiting period which is not limited to but includes providing snacks and drinking water during a tarmac delay with more than 2 hours after departure.

Air Wisconsin also recommends that you provide your contact information to them so that they may be able to notify you of all changes in schedules and itineraries. Since all your contact regarding this section would be with United Airlines, Air Wisconsin makes sure to coordinate with them to ensure a smooth process when it comes to dealing and notifying you of cancellation, delays, and changes to schedule.

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Air Wisconsin Airlines Credit Card

Since Air Wisconsin flies as United Express, its Credit Card plan is the same as United: Mileage Plus. There are two cards we consider relevant when it comes to mileage plus:

  • United Explorer Card
  • United Club Card

Card Details: United Explorer Card

Fees and Interest Rates

APR Standard APR (Cash Advance APR)Annual FeeBalance Transfer Fee
17.99%-24.99%26.49% (Variable)$95 ($0 for year I)5% of transaction (min $5)


  • 60000 miles after spending $3000 within the first 3 months of opening the account.
  • 2 miles per $1 on United Purchases.
  • 2 miles per $1 on restaurants and hotels (directly purchased with the hotel).
  • 1 mile per $1 on all other purchases.
  • Save upto $120 on a round trip with a free first checked bag.
  • 25% back on inflight purchases with United.
  • Up to $100 Global Entry or TSA Precheck fee credits.

Other Features

  • Access pass to United Club: Once after account opening, then once a year per year.
  • Priority boarding.
  • No black out dates and foreign transaction fees.

Apply for the United Explorer Card here.

Card Details: United Club Card

Fees and Interest Rates

APRStandard APRAnnual FeeBalance Transfer Fee
17.99% – 24.99%26.49%$4505% of transaction (min $5)


  • 75000 bonus miles after spending $3000 within three months of account opening.
  • 2 miles per $1 on United Purchases.
  • 1.5 miles per $1 on all purchases.
  • First and Second checked bag at no cost.
  • 25% back on United inflight purchases.

Other Features

  • Membership to United Club. United Club locations and Star Alliance lounges. Fee: Starting from $650 per year.
  • Premier Access’ travel services
  • No blackout dates or foreign transaction fees

Apply for United Club card here.

Air Wisconsin Airlines Customer Services

Visit the Contact Us section of Air Wisconsin’s homepage and fill out their form to submit a message to the corporate office regarding any query you might have. Alternatively, call 920-475-7007 for media inquiries.

Contact Address:

Air Wisconsin Airlines

W6390 Challenger Drive, Suite 203

Appleton, WI 54914


Air Wisconsin Airlines Social Media

Air Wisconsin Airlines Check In and Boarding Pass

Air Wisconsin Airlines operates as United Express so you will have to visit United’s home page to check in and print your boarding pass. It is recommended to check in and print boarding pass as soon as possible to avoid any complications later.

Follow this link to do the same.

Air Wisconsin Airline

Air Wisconsin Airlines Flight Status

A tip: Always be aware of your flight status as flight times are subject to change. Check in early and keep all your documents handy. Same as check in and boarding pass, visit United’s homepage to check your flight status:

Air Wisconsin Airline

Air Wisconsin Airlines Promo Codes 

How can I find promo codes for my flights?

There are a number of online websites such as couponfollow.com, retailmenot.com, dontpayfull.com, www.kouponkabla.com, and many more where you can find coupon and promo codes for your flights.. They can be easily found using a simple google search.

You may also subscribe here for Air Wisconsin Airlines promo codes and special deals.

Latest Promo Codes for Air Wisconsin Air

This section is updated weekly for Promo Codes for flights on Air Wisconsin Air. You can also sign up to the airline website directly and get deals that the airline crafts for you.

Sign Up to Air Wisconsin Air here for great deals directly to your inbox.

How to find Air Wisconsin Airlines flights and redeem Promo Codes?

This section of this Ultimate Guide to Air Wisconsin will help you find out exactly how to book flights on Air Wisconsin. 

  • Since Air Wisconsin flies exclusively as United Express, you can book Air Wisconsin flights at www.united.com. Air Wisconsin is a regional airline and therefore it is worthwhile to make sure your destination is one of those locations serviced by Air Wisconsin. If that is so, you can use the airline website to reserve a ticket.
  • Alternatively, you may use a travel supplier online to book flights. There are many of these on the internet and we represent one of them: www.bargainairticket.com. You can log into our site and enter your flight details such as dates and airports in a form available at our homepage. 
  • A list of options will open up which can be further sorted by using any one or more of the filters available on the site. One of these filters would sort option according to the airlines you wish to fly with. To book Air Wisconsin Airlines, just deselect all other airlines leaving this one and all the options available for Air Wisconsin would open up. 
  • Now just select the flight that suits you and move on to the final booking procedure. If you have a promo code, then this is the time to apply it and them move on to payment through a secure gateway. 

Air Wisconsin Airlines Cancellation Policy

Air Wisconsin does not book any tickets by itself. United airlines handles all the bookings when it comes to Air Wisconsin Flights.

You can cancel any reservations at no extra cost if you cancel it within 24 hours of purchase and your flight is at least a week away at the time of booking.

Nominal charges will apply in case you try to cancel after 24 hours of booking.

For any information regarding cancellations, contact United Airlines.

Air Wisconsin Airlines Baggage

Air Wisconsin, as United Express, has a dynamic system of charging for checked bags. Just visit this page and fill out your airport details and dates along with your United membership status. The estimated price for your checked bag(s) will show up on the screen.

Since Air Wisconsin only offers Economy cabin class, the maximum weight per bag is 50lbs, or 23 kg.

Airline recommends you check your bag in time and receive a claim check to be used as a receipt upon reaching destination.

Active military personnel and their dependents receive certain perks when it comes to checked bag services:

  • 3 free bags with max size 62 inches (linear) and 70lbs weight. (Personal Travel)
  • 5 free bags with max size 115 inches and 100 lbs weight. (Official business)

Air Wisconsin Airlines Pet Policy

  • Small pets that fit in a travel carrier below the seat are allowed into the cabin. Most breeds of dogs and cats are allowed with a few exceptions with one of them being pitbulls.
  • The pet’s kennel may also be brought and would be counted as carry bag allowance. ($125 service charge one way).
  • Bring a health certificate and proof of the last vaccination for rabies. (Should be more than 30 days).
  • Puppies and kittens below four months old are disallowed.
  • Pets cannot travel with unaccompanied minors.
  • Kennels allowed: 
    • Hard Type Kennel: 17.5 inches long x 12 inches wide x 7.5 inches high (44 cm x 30 cm x 19 cm)
    • Soft Type Kennel: 18 inches long x 11 inches wide x 11 inches high (46 cm x 28 cm x 28 cm)

Air Wisconsin Airlines Pregnancy Policy

  • Women may travel in any United Express/ Air Wisconsin Flight without medical documentation before 36 weeks of pregnancy.
  • In case of travel after 36 weeks, passenger must have the original as well as two copies of an obstetrician’s certificate dated less than three days prior to flight departure.
  • The certificate must have an expected delivery date later than the last flight in the itinerary.

Air Wisconsin Airlines Route Map

Let’s take a moment to analyse Air Wisconsin’s route map. As is pretty clear, most of the locations services by Air Wisconsin are clustered along the Atlantic seaboard and its Wisconsin hub. This is because Air Wisconsin is a regional airline. Since its founding, the company has grown and included more and more cities into its service areas and since its partnership with United Airlines, Air Wisconsin is a major component of the air travel business in the United States of America.

Air Wisconsin Airlines’ Hub

As part of United Express, Air Wisconsin has three hubs, the Chicago O’Hare International, Denver International and the Washington Dulles International Airport(s).. Let us analyse the route maps regarding these specific hubs and airports:

  • Chicago

ORD is the biggest hub for Air Wisconsin Airlines

Air Wisconsin Airline
  • Washington
  • Denver
Air Wisconsin Airline

What are Air Wisconsin Air’s popular destinations and routes?

As a regional Airline, Air Wisconsin has always dominated the air routes in East United States with it steady growth in routes, fleet size, and destinations. However, since it flies exclusively as United Express, it would be more worthwhile to check United Airlines’ destinations and routes instead. 

Air Wisconsin Airlines Seat Assignment Policy

Air Wisconsin Airlines’ seat assignment policy is the same as of United Airlines: passenger may choose their seats, except for a Basic Economy ticket for which a seat assignment may be purchased up to check in time starts.

Seat Specifications

Air Wisconsin Aircraft have a 2*2 configuration for seats with extra legroom in the front seats and in the emergency exit row seats.

Air Wisconsin Airlines Children Policy

Children Travelling Alone

Young adults aged 15-17 years do not require unaccompanied minor service and may travel on any United Express flight.

Children younger than 5 are ineligible for unaccompanied minor service in any case, even if they travel with another older unaccompanied child.

This service is only available for nonstop flights, and cannot be used when there are layover with other airlines involved.

Service charge table:

Number of ChildrenFee (One Way)Fee (Round Trip)

Travel with Infants

Infants under the age of 2 can travel without a ticket with the US. They would need to be seated in the lap of a seated family member. However, it is recommended that the airline be informed regarding this in any case. In case of two lap infants, only one may be eligible for cost free lap travel.

Air Wisconsin, as United Express, does not allow infants less than 7 days old.

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