Ultimate Guide to Cape Air – Everything you should know before booking Cape Air Flights

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About Cape Air

Cape Air, also known as Hyannis Air Service, Inc., is a regional airline that operates its services in Northeastern US, the Caribbean, Midwest, and eastern Montana. It is headquartered at the Barn stable Municipal Airport in Massachusetts, US. Cape Airline is also part of the Essential Air Services, and receives subsidies from the US government for its service of rural airports in the United States.

Cape Air History

Craig Stewart and Dan Wolf, both pilots, along with investor Grant Wilson, founded Cape Air in 1988. New routes were introduced as the airline grew over the 90s. Starting by connecting Boston and Provincetown, they expanded to destinations in New England, Nantucket, Hyannis and finally Florida and the Caribbean.

Cape Airline continued its expansion in the new millennium by inaugurating a new hub in Guam. The flights connected Guam to Saipan and Rota. Another round of expansion began in late 2007 connecting the Northeast and the Midwest to other Cape Airline destinations. It also expanded into Indiana but the operation could not be made economically viable.

By 2014, following a string of expansions into other markets and locations, Cape Airline was carrying over 700000 passengers annually over 550 daily flights. Cape Airline is one of the largest independent regional carriers in the US.

Airline Hubs:

  • Barnstable Municipal Airport
  • Luis Muñoz Marin International Airport
  • Boston Logan International Airport
  • St. Louis Lambert International Airport
  • Billings Logan International Airport
  • Nantucket Memorial Airport

Focus Airport(s):

  • Martha’s Vineyard Airport.

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Cape Air Awards

Cape Airline has received many accolades during its history as an airline. Here are some of them:

  • Year 2016: USVI Daily News Readers’ Choice Awards.
    • Best Flight schedule between the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.
    • Best small aircraft serving the Virgin islands.
    • BVI Property and Yacht magazine readers choice award for best Air Travel and Air Tour Company.
  • Year 2014
    • Top 10 best airlines in the US – Conde Nast traveler Readers’ choice award.
    • Best airline serving the BVI – BVI property and Yacht Magazine readers choice award.
    • Trip Advisor Service Excellence Award.
  • Year 2013
    • Top 10 Small Airlines in the world – Conde Nast traveller readers’ choice award.
    • Best small airline serving the USVI – USVI daily news.
    • Best Airline schedule – USVI daily news.
    • Best Airline serving the BVI – Virgin Islands Property & Yacht Readers’ choice award.
  • Year 2012
    • Environmental Merit Award for the Environmental Protection Agency.
    • Best Airline Schedule – USVI Daily News.
    • Rising Star Award – Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce.
  • Year 2011
    • Nevis Tourism Association Award for the Best New Business Partner.
    • Virgin Islands News: Best Airline in the Virgin Islands.

Cape Air Fleet

Cape Airline fleet is discussed below:

  • Cessna 402 – 88
  • Britten Norman Islander – 4
  • Tecnam P2012 Traveller – 4
  • Eviation Alice 

All these aircraft have a passenger capacity of 9.

Cape Air Reservation

This section of this Ultimate Guide to Cape Air will provide you with information regarding reservations when it comes to Cape Airline. Read on to know more.  

How to save more while booking Cape Air Flights?

  • Regularly check Cape Airline deals.
  • Subscribe to Cape Air to receive updates from them regarding tickets and content.
  • Book as early as you can.
  • Apply for Mileage Plus Plan.
  • Apply for Travel Pass.
  • Subscribe to us for Fare Alerts to get the best deals on your route on flight tickets.
  • Look for Promo Codes.

How do I book Cape Air flight tickets?

There are many ways you may book Cape Airline flights. You may either book flights with them directly by visiting their home page. Alternatively, you may also book their flights online using any travel operator. The best part about using websites like bargainairticket.com is that they offer you the benefit of comparing lots of flights at the same time. This allows you to be sure that you are getting the best deal possible. 

Additionally, you may also book Cape Airline flights directly at the airport. However, this option is not recommended by us as last minute tickets are generally expensive. The best way to save more on flights is to book your ticket as early as possible as airlines tend to rack up prices as the departure date comes closer. 

Is there any booking fee with Cape Air?

For detailed information relating to fees when it comes to Cape Air, visit their page here

Cape Airline Military Discount

[Information Unavailable]

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Cape Air for Passengers with Special Needs

Cape Air prioritizes enabling passengers with special needs to a satisfactory flight experience. 

  • Cape Airline is willing to provide assistance to any passenger with special needs. Given that most Cape Air airports might be staffed with only one person, they cannot guarantee that they will be able to provide assistance to you into the airport. However, call 866-CAPE-AIR and they will contact the ticket counter and request assistance.
  • Cape Airline is willing to provide assistance to and from the plane to passengers with special needs.
  • In case a wheelchair is required, Cape Air has wheelchairs available at most of its airports. It is advised to contact Cape Air’s reservation agents if this is the case.
  • Cape Air will let you bring in your own wheelchair at no additional cost. They recommend that you check in early so that there is enough time to take care of everything, from paperwork to loading.
  • Cape Airline only allows collapsible, non motorized wheelchairs on board due to its specific plane configurations. Nevertheless, Cape Air will provide the best assistance possible in any case.
  • In the case of service animals, they must comply with DOT regulations and be vaccinated within the last four months of flight with proper vaccination records.
  • Dogs and cats are generally allowed.
  • The following animals are not allowed considering safety/health reasons:
    • Small mammals or pocket pets.
    • Insects and Spiders
    • Rodents
    • Reptiles
    • Amphibians
    • Birds
    • Animals with tusks, horns, or hooves.
    • Animals emanating a foul odour.
  • Cape Airline also maintains that service animals must be trained to behave properly. Problematic behavior on part of the animals such as growling, biting, not responding to handler’s commands etc.

How does Cape Air handle passengers in case of cancellations or delays?

Cape Air strives to inform its passengers regarding any cancellation or changes in scheduling. These changes will be updated through the boarding announcements at the airport, the flight status page online, and you may choose to be notified of such changes by contacting the Cape Airline Reservations office.

In case of lengthy Tarmac Delays, the airline takes responsibility for meeting your essential needs such as food, water, sanitation and medical assistance on its own expense. Please note however that such delays where a landed place does not have access to a de-boarding terminal are rare.

Cape Airline is responsive towards customer complaints and responds to them as soon as they can. They also strive to notify passengers regarding any itinerary changes in a timely manner.

Is there any discounted rate for travelling with a group?

Cape Airline offers special discounts for groups of more than 15 passengers. You need only contact the Cape Airline group coordinator at 508-862-9702 or drop a mail at specialservices@capeair.com and the airline will take over the planning part of the group. There are some specifications unique to group travel:

  • 50% deposit required within 7 days of group booking.
  • For travel within 30 days, you need to provide the entire amount (non refundable) at the time of booking.
  • For travel beyond 30 days, the amount is refundable except for a $100 service charge.
  • Group travel cannot be availed with any other discount program.

Cape Air Credit Card

[Information Unavailable] 

Cape Air Customer Services

For General and Travel inquiries: 800-Cape-Air (227-3247) or 508-771-694

To send feedback or for a reimbursement request send an email at careteam@capeair.com. Be sure to include the following information for the latter:

  • Customer Name.
  • Flight Number.
  • Date of Travel.
  • Confirmation Code.
  • Details about your Experience.
  • Itemized Receipts.

Cape Airline Social Media

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CapeAir.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/capeair.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/capeair/.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/capeair.

Sign up for updates and deals from Cape Airline: https://app.e2ma.net/app2/audience/signup/1758162/1735190/

Cape Air Check In and Boarding Pass

Cape Airline allows you to Check In online within 24 hours of your flight departure. However, there are certain eligibility requirements for checking online:

  • Customers, including the ones with Travel Pass, may check in online for most domestic flights.
  • International flights from San Juan can also be checked in online
  • Tortola, Nevis, or Virgin Gorda are some locations that do not allow online check in ie to security reasons.
  • As flights from New York/ JFK fly in conjunction with JetBlue airways, online check in may or may not be available.
  • Unaccompanied Minors, customers travelling with pets, and passengers with paper tickets may not be eligible for online check in.

It is advisable to be at the airport timely before departure in case of any inconsistencies and paperwork required. Arrive at the airport early to make sure your flight is boarded smoothly.

Avail the online check in facility here

Cape Air Flight Status

A tip: Always be aware of your flight status as flight times are subject to change. Check in early and keep all your documents handy. 

To check your current flight status with Cape Air, follow this link.

Cape Air Promo Codes 

How can I find promo codes for my flights?

You can check out online websites such as couponfollow.com, retailmenot.com, dontpayfull.com, www.kouponkabla.com, and many more. They can be easily found using a simple google search.

Subscribe here for Cape Airline promo codes and special deals.

Latest Promo Codes for Cape Air

This section is updated weekly for Promo Codes for flights on Cape Airline. You can also sign up to the airline website directly and get deals that the airline crafts for you.

How to find Cape Air flights and redeem Promo Codes?

This section of this Ultimate Guide to Cape Airline will let you know how to find Cape Air flights and book them. You may book flights with Cape Air directly on their website or use a travel operator like BargainAirTicket online. 

To find flights, just enter your information such as departure and return dates along with your passenger information. A new window with a list of all flights flying to and from your location will open up. If you are using an online travel operator, they will most probably have a filter in place so that you may find flights specific to airlines. Use the filter to select Cape Airline and deselect all other airlines. Choose the best deal for yourself and proceed to book using a secure payment gateway. If you are in possession of any promo codes, now is the time to apply them and get your discount.

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Cape Air Cancellation Policy

Here are some details regarding Cape Air’s Cancellation Policy:

  • Cape Airline will allow you to rethink your purchase with them during the first 24 hours of reservation. You are entitled to changing or even cancelling your reservation, even for non refundable tickets, and get a full refund if you do so within 24 hours of purchase.
  • Cape Airline also prioritizes information regarding cancellations and delays. Customers flying with Cape Airline will be provided timely information regarding changes in flight statuses. Such information is not just limited to cancellations and diversions, but also any schedule changes of 30 minutes or more. 
  • This information will be provided to you using boarding area announcements, airport flight status displays, on their online website www.capeair.com and via phone with Cape Airline’s Reservation Office.

Cape Air Baggage

Listed below are the baggage fees details for Cape Air:

Bag TypeCape Air 402C/ Tecnam Traveller/ BN2Cape Air C208A
Carry out/Personal ItemFreeRegardless of the number of bags, a maximum of 20 lbs is allowed on the C208A seaplane.
Gate Checked BagFree
1st Checked Bag (0-50 lbs)$30Free (20 lbs max limit)
51-70 lbs+$80NA
2nd Checked Bag (0-50 lbs)$40NA
51 – 70 lbs+$80NA
3rd Checked Bag (0-50 lbs)$80NA
51 – 70 lbs+$80NA

Cape Air has an extensive baggage policy that cannot be covered here in its entirety. Follow this link here that will redirect you to the detailed baggage policy section of Cape Air.

Cape Airline Pet Policy

Cape Air accepts pets on its Cessna 402 and Tecnam Traveller flights. 

  • The Air allows only one pet per aircraft, however, multiple pets travelling with the same family are allowed. 
  • Multiple pets with multiple families are not allowed.
  • Cape Air’s approved live animals on a first come first serve basis.
  • Reservations in advance are recommended.
  • Fee: $30. TravelPass passengers may bring their animal aboard for free.
  • Cape Air accepts cats, dogs, rabbits and birds generally for in cabin transport.
  • All must be accompanied by an adult passenger who is responsible for the animal while on board Cape Air flight.
  • For connecting flights, passengers must make their own arrangements to transport pets to the other flight.
  • Kennel specifications: Max Size: 28”*20.5”*20.5”. The obligation to provide the kennel lies with the customer.
  • As a general rule, pets must be kept inside the kennel while on flight.
  • The responsibility for the pet lies with the passenger and the pet must meet behavioral as well as sanitary conditions to be allowed aboard flight.

Cape Airline Pregnancy Policy

The Cape Air official homepage does not have any information regarding their specific pregnancy policies. Instead, this article will dispense general information regarding air travel for pregnant women. 

Consulting a physician is recommended before boarding a flight for air travel. Most airlines allow passengers to board flights without any problems upto a certain week limit.

Cape Airline Route Map

Cape Airline Hubs

Here is a list of Cape Air’s hubs:

  • Barnstable Municipal Airport
  • Luis Muñoz Marin International Airport
  • Boston Logan International Airport
  • St. Louis Lambert International Airport
  • Billings Logan International Airport
  • Nantucket Memorial Airport

Martha’s Vineyard Airport is a focus point for Cape Air.


What are Cape Airline’s popular destinations and routes?

Cape Air serves 33 domestic destinations and 5 countries with 8 destination cities. This information is accurate up to February 2020.

Cape Air Popular Routes:

  • Boston to Nantucket
  • Martha’s Vineyard to JFK
  • San Juan to Nevis

Cape Airline Seat Assignment Policy

Cape Air does not do seat assignments, according to online forums. Instead, it offers a first come first served policy. In some cases, however, you may be offered the co-pilot seat. Most reviews by passengers say that the seats at Cape Air are all great and offer stunning panoramic views of the skies and below.

Cape Airline Children Policy

Children Travelling Alone

Cape Air provides Unaccompanied Minor services for children travelling alone.

AgesEligibility for Unaccompanied Minor Service
Less than 8 years oldNot Eligible for Unaccompanied Minor Services.
8-14 years oldEligible for Unaccompanied Minor services with all the rules and regulations associated with it.
15-18Generally do not require Unaccompanied Minor service and can travel as Adults.

There are also certain restrictions in place when it comes to the Unaccompanied Minor services. 

  • This service is available only for non-stop flights. 
  • Unaccompanied Minor travel is not available for international flights.
  • Unaccompanied Minor Service is not available for the last flight day from any Cape Air location.

There are no service charges for Unaccompanied Minor Services, Additionally, identification must be carried in case it is required. The name, address, and contact number of the parent/guardian must be provided at the airport before the flight is boarded. Cape Air may refuse transportation in case there are chances of delays or cancellations. However, in case there are cancellations or terminations of the flight at an unintended airport, Cape Air will retain custody of the unaccompanied minor until it is transferred to the parent/guardian specified in the paperwork at its own expense.

Travel with Infants

Unless the infant is less than 7 days old, Cape Air allows infants to travel on its flights. Additionally, infants under 2 years old are considered to be lap infants and may travel without a ticket. Keep the proof of age of the infant handy in case a requirement arises. Alternatively, the use of an FAA approved child safety seat (CRS) is recommended when a seat is purchased for the infant.

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